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Penteco, dedicated to shaping a sustainable future through innovative thinking and exceptional technical expertise in the field of geosynthetics, offers a comprehensive business model featuring five specialized centers. Our mission is to assist clients in their environmental initiatives, especially those related to geosynthetic applications. Our Product Center operates as an importer, distributor, and wholesaler, allowing us to provide cost-effective solutions.

We offer competitive pricing, a diverse selection of premium products, technical expertise, and the convenience of online shopping through our Geostore. With a commitment to helping you succeed in your environmental and civil engineering projects, we are your trusted partner in achieving sustainable and effective solutions.

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oil & gas refinery

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector makes use of geosynthetics in a variety of applications. One common use is in the installation of a secondary containment system. These systems are designed to prevent the release of hazardous materials into the environment in the event of a spill or leak. Geosynthetic products are also used in the construction of access roads and other infrastructure associated with drilling and production operations. The development of this industry element has progressed significantly, making damage to the environment minimal with the use of geosynthetics. The installation process and materials have also been adapted to a range of geographical locations, meaning that geosynthetics can be used almost anywhere in the world. Penteco team has extensive experience in the application of geosynthetics in the oil and gas industry, specifically in Alberta and British Columbia. Our Alberta office has been involved in several projects that have required the use of geosynthetics in order to meet the unique demands of oil and gas operations. Our team provides a full range of services, including design, supply and installation of geosynthetics for various oil and gas projects throughout Canada. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the expertise of our team in the oil and gas geosynthetic projects. Our focus is on providing the highest quality products and services to our clients in order to meet the demands of their specific projects.

mining site


The mining industry has long utilized geosynthetics to help stabilize slopes, reduce environmental impact, and improve infrastructure efficiency. Geosynthetics are durable and environmentally friendly, making them an ideal choice for a variety of mining applications. For example, geosynthetics can be used to fill voids left by mining operations, to support the weight of heavy equipment, or to create an efficient drainage system. In addition, geosynthetics can be used to improve the stability of slopes and prevent soil erosion. By utilizing geosynthetics, the mining industry can create a safe and sustainable infrastructure that will last for generations. The construction and development of mining facilities require expertise in both geosynthetics and civil engineering.  Supply yourself with the best, contact Penteco now! Our company offers a solution tailored to your needs, with an efficient system in place to fulfill any request. Don't wait, request our services today and experience the efficiency of Penteco!

curved tunnel


The transportation industry is increasingly utilizing geosynthetics to stabilize slopes, improve durability, and reduce environmental impacts of infrastructure projects. Geosynthetics are used to stabilize or improve the performance of civil engineering projects. These synthetic products can be used in a variety of applications, including earth walls, drainage, and road construction. In road construction, geosynthetics are often used for sediment control and silt fence. Sediment control refers to the practice of preventing soil erosion and sediment from leaving a construction site and entering nearby waterways. Silt fences, also known as sediment fences, are a type of sediment control measure that uses a barrier made of geosynthetic material to contain sediment and prevent it from leaving the construction site. Woven and nonwoven geotextiles are typically used to provide ground layer separation, filtration, reinforcement, and erosion control. Geogrids are installed to stabilize and reinforce granular fill compaction. Installation of geosynthetics is often less expensive compared to traditional methods, and the material durability is a critical element for any transportation project. Therefore, it is important to partner with an experienced manufacturer and distribution team who can provide the right solutions for your project.

industrial site with lots of surrounding trees


The industrial companies utilizes geosynthetics for a variety of purposes. One common function is as a reinforcement material. Geosynthetics can be used to reinforce soil and rock, making it possible to build structures on unstable ground. They are also often used in the construction of reservoirs and other water storage facilities. Geosynthetic products can be used in multiple layers to create an effective barrier that prevents contaminants from leaching into the soil or groundwater. This application is often used by companies in the manufacturing industry to protect the environment from hazardous materials.  Fortunately, there are many manufacturing companies in the geosynthetics industry, who are constantly working to develop new and better synthetic products with defined quality control specifications.

three excavators moving garbage in a landfill

Waste Management

Waste management customers rely heavily on geosynthetic products to provide quality control during the construction of sewage treatment plants, and create solutions for a variety of environmental problems. Geosynthetics are effective in waste management because they are durable, and resistant to chemical degradation. Geomembranes provide an effective barrier that prevents waste from leaching into the ground and contaminating soil and groundwater. In addition, geomembranes help to reduce odor by trapping gas emitted from waste in exposed applications. A drainage geonet is a three-dimensional network of polymeric material used to drained layered waste systems. Leachate collection systems installed beneath waste disposal cells are lined with geonets to collect leachate and transport it to a leachate treatment facility.

water rushing out of dam

Power & Utilities

Geosynthetics have become an essential part of the power and utilities industry due to their countless applications in construction, infrastructure, service, and development projects. Geomembranes are often used as liners for dam embankments, preventing seepage and protecting the underlying soil from erosion. Bituminous geomembrane is a material that is often used in dam construction. Geomembranes are used to create a barrier between the dam and the surrounding soil and rock. This barrier helps to prevent water from seeping through dams and causing structural damage. In addition, bituminous geomembranes can also help to resist the growth of vegetation on the dam face, which can lead to dam failure.

canadian flag displayed on armed forces

Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) values the role that geosynthetics can play in operations and has therefore adopted a strategy that seeks to ensure their use in conjunction with other engineering solutions. A typical application for the CAF team is the use of geocells, which are honeycomb-like structures made from high-density polyethylene. These geocells can be filled with soil or sand and used to create reinforced walls or barriers. They are often used to create temporary roadways or landing pads in remote locations. Geosynthetics are commonly used to form drainage ditches and to construct roads, runways, and other elements of infrastructure. They are also used in the development of training areas and live fire ranges. Geosynthetics were used extensively in Afghanistan, particularly in the construction of roads and runways. In addition, geosynthetics were used in conjunction with sandbags to reinforce barriers against flooding.

green field representing the agriculture industry


In agricultural applications, geosynthetics are often used to reinforce tractor paths, dikes, and irrigation channels. They can also be used to stabilize steep slopes and prevent soil erosion while providing drainage solutions. In addition, geosynthetics can be used to line storage ponds, silos, and manure pits. The agricultural industry utilizes earth walls for a number of reasons. Geosynthetic reinforcement can be used to secure earth layers and improve soil stability. In addition, earth walls can be used to create storage space for livestock, crops, or equipment. These walls can also be used to control erosion and protect against flooding. By using geosynthetic reinforcement, farmers can reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming earthworks projects. As a result, geosynthetic solutions can help improve the bottom line for agricultural operations. Get in touch with us at Penteco for a supply solution that will elevate your company's performance. Our contact information is readily available for your convenience. Trust us to provide an efficient system that will meet all your requests and exceed your expectations.

Geosynthetics Wholesaler | Canada Wide

Geosynthetics are the cornerstone of our expertise. We supply highly specialized products and services to customers ranging from owners, engineering firms, to civil/general contractors. Geosynthetics are much more than just an alternative to natural earth materials, they reduce carbon emissions, provide technical certainty, and significantly reduce costs. 

Penteco's team brings decades of expertise in geosynthetic products and technical solutions to support all your environmental and civil engineering projects. We are experienced professionals servicing public and private industries to help provide a full line of geosynthetic solutions.

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Plan and execute your next geosynthetic project with support from one of our industry experts. 

Penteco has partnered with industry leaders to bring you one-of-a-kind products designed to suit your project.

With our cost-effective business structure, we provide mainstream geosynthetics at competitive prices. 

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