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Woven geotextiles are being used in an increasing number of applications due to their high strength and durability. They are commonly used in the construction of roads, railways, and other infrastructure projects. In addition, they are often used to reinforce weak or eroding soils. Woven geotextiles are made from a variety of synthetic fibers, including polypropylene and polyester. The high strength of woven geotextiles makes them ideal for use in high-stress applications. 

Boasting a product history of over 50 years, Stabilenka enjoys the distinction of being one of the world’s first ever reinforcement geotextiles. Strengths of up to 2,800 kN/m, state-of-the-art weaving technology, a first class quality assurance regime, numerous certifications and proven resistance of up to 120 years, to chemical, physical and microbiological action have made Stabilenka one of the best performing woven reinforcement products anywhere in the world.

Penteco is a Canadian distributor for Huesker (German Manufacturer of Stabilenka Geotextile)

Geocells are cellular confinement systems made of interlocking honeycomb-like trusses. They are used to reinforce weak soils and provide base stabilization for a variety of engineering applications. When filled with soil, geocells create a three-dimensional matrix that can resist large lateral and vertical loads. This makes them ideal for use in slopes, retaining walls, and other structures that are subject to high pressures. Geocells are mostly used to improve the load-bearing capacity of weak soils, making them an essential component of many construction projects. In addition, geocell-reinforced soil is highly resistant to erosion, making it an ideal choice for use in areas that are prone to flooding or severe weather conditions.

EnviroGrid Base Stabilization geocell is one of the best made geocells on the market. The manufacturer (Geo Products) has a reputation for making high quality geocells that have a proven background in being able to withstand harsh weather and other conditions. The company's geocells are also known for their durability, which has been tested and proven in a variety of different situations. 

Penteco is a Canadian distributor for Geo Products (USA Manufacturer of EnviroGrid Geocell)

Vibro stone columns are a type of ground improvement technique that uses vibrating probes to install pillars of stone deep into the soil. The stone column consists of a steel tube that is driven into the ground. The inside of the tube is then filled with native soil or aggregate. As the tube is withdrawn, the native soil or aggregate is compacted by vibration, creating a column of compacted material. This helps to improve the bearing capacity of the soil and reduce settlement. In some cases, however, vibro stone columns can create voids in the soil that can lead to instability. One way to address this issue is to use high strength woven geotextile around the perimeter of the column. The geotextile helps to reinforce the column and prevent it from moving or collapsing. In addition, the geotextile can help to prevent soil erosion and protect plant life. Overall, using high strength woven geotextile can be an effective way to improve vibro stone columns and ensure a stable foundation for your project.

Penteco is a Canadian distributor for Huesker (German Manufacturer of Ringtrac Foundation System).  

Fortrac Heavy Load is a system for storage of extra-heavy units, e.g. monopiles for offshore wind turbines, pipelines or ship components. The system, consisting of Fortrac geogrids, special woven and filling material, provides a uniform seating with high resistance to settlement. Due to the large base and bearing area, additional support by wooden blocking or cribbing is unnecessary.

Penteco is a Canadian distributor for Huesker (German Manufacturer of Fortrac Heavy Load).  

Stabilization Solutions

Ground stabilization is the process of improving the load-bearing capacity and shear strength of a soil. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, including the use of advanced geosynthetic solutions. Geosynthetics are man-made materials that are used to improve the performance of soils, and they have been used extensively for ground stabilization in weak soils. The use of geosynthetics can provide significant advantages over traditional methods, including improved load-bearing capacity, reduced settlements, and increased resistance to erosion.

Penteco is a Canadian based distributor and service provider. We partner with world class manufacturers to help bring their latest geosynthetic technologies into Canadian markets, not only providing distribution but also offering complimentary design support for your project's needs - check our growing list of Stabilization Solutions below!

Stabilenka - World's Strongest Geotextile 

EnviroGrid Geocell - Quality You Can Count On

Ringtrac Foundation - Improve Your Vibro Columns

Fortrac Heavy Load - Thinking Outside The Box

Ground and Soil Stabilization Systems

5 reasons to purchase from Penteco:

1. Below Market Prices - As a wholesaler, Penteco Inc. is to able keep its overheads low by focusing on bulk sales and minimizing the costs associated with retail operations. 

2. Online Ordering - By offering an online store, Penteco is able to reduce its overheads and pass these savings on to customers. Penteco's GEOSTORE offers a seamless and efficient shopping experience to customers. This can help to reduce the time and effort required to place orders, making it easier for customers to purchase products at a competitive price.

3. Direct Delivery from Manufacturers - By delivering products directly from the manufacturer to the customer, Penteco is able to avoid double handling and storage costs. 


4. Wide Selection of High-Quality Products - Penteco Inc. is a geosynthetic wholesaler that offers a wide range of products such as geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes, and more. At Penteco, we take pride in partnering with only the most reputable global manufacturers who have a strong presence in both the USA and Canada. 


5. Experienced Team - The team at Penteco has a wealth of experience in the geosynthetics industry, and they are always happy to provide guidance and assistance to customers. Whether you have a specific project in mind or simply need help choosing the right product, we are here to help.

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