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How can Penteco support your Containment project?

1. Certified Product Inventory: 

At Penteco, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality geomembrane products on the market. We work exclusively with the world's leading manufacturers who consistently meet and exceed ASTM standards and design regulations.

2. Containment Specialist:

Our Consulting Centre offers a range of technical services, including project management, site supervision, contract resolution, and design support, to ensure that your containment project is a success. Learn more about our highly qualified Containment Geo-consultant!

 3. Crew Training: 

Our experienced site support team is here to provide hands-on training for your crew on our self-performing geomembrane products (BGM & GCL). With their guidance, you can feel confident in your team's ability to complete the project to the highest standards.

4. Comprehensive Consultation & Quality Verification:

Penteco's comprehensive consultation services are available at every stage of the installation process, from RFI support to troubleshooting any unintended design incompliances. We also offer quality verification reports, stamped by a professional engineer, to ensure that the installation meets the manufacturer's standards. Choose Penteco for a sophisticated, successful containment project.

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Tektoseal® Active

Tektoseal Active are active geocomposites installed as large-area pollutant filters resp. pollutant barriers for soil and groundwater protection as well as for contaminated site protection. They reliably remove pollutants and allow the cleaned carrier medium (water, soil air, landfill gas, etc.) to pass through. The areal filters provide uniform and erosion-proof pollutant filter layers over large areas.

The active geocomposites allow passive water treatment of e.g. contaminated leachate, pore water, drainage and traffic runoff water, etc. Contamination of soils and groundwater by inorganic, organic or petrochemical pollutants is thus prevented. Pollutant carryover from already contaminated soils and sediments is also prevented by filtering out pollutants washed out by precipitation or groundwater pressure.

  • Contribution to health and environmental protection by interrupting the pollutant action pathways.

  • Fast installation with constant and permanently safe layer thickness. ​​​​​​​

  • Reduction of transport by securing soil on site.​​​​​

  • Increasing water quality.​​​

  • Protection of polluted soils and sediments with passive soil decontamination at the same time.​​​​

  • Saving mineral layers and CO2 while maintaining high efficiency​​​​

Key Benefits:

Oil & Petrochemicals

Heavy Metals


Organic Pollutants

Solution for Large-Area Pollutant Barrier

In-situ soil vapor filter on contaminated sites

In-situ isolation of contaminated sediments

Filtration of Polluted Surface Water

Environmental Protection in maintenance and parking areas

Absorbent protective curtains in water bodies

On-site Storage of Contaminated Soils

Applications Examples

Tektoseal® Active | Large-area pollutant barriers for a variety of applications

Oils & Petrochemicals : Tektoseal Active solutions with mechanically consolidated and oil-absorbing polymer are suitable for separating oil-water mixtures.

Heavy Metals : Tektoseal Active with a special cation adsorber serves as a high-performance pollutant barrier for heavy metal pollution applications and has also been used to remove phosphorus from water.

PFAS: Pollutant barriers for per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS). The fast reaction kinetics and high binding capacity of the adsorbents allow reliable application to a wide range of PFAS pollutants.

Organic Pollutants : Tektoseal Active solutions with special activated carbon are optimally applicable as permeable barriers for dissolved organic pollutants, such as VOC, TBT, PAH, PCB etc., in soil air and gases as well as surface and ground water.

Pollution Barrier

Oil & Petrochemicals | Heavy Metals | Inorganic Pollutants | PFAS 

Organic Pollutants

A product configuration with Organoclay is particularly recommended for organic pollutants with oil compounds. For example, pollutants from coal tar, creosote, (so-called non-aqueous phase liquids, NAPLs) etc. can be reliably adsorbed or treated.


  • Safe - Securing contaminated soils on land and sediments under water, with simultaneous passive cleaning.

  • Effective - Reliable removal of dissolved organic pollutants such as VOC, TBT, PAH, PCB and many more. 

  • Multifunctional - Pollutant adsorption from liquids and gases possible. 

  • Durable - Large surface area (1 g of activated carbon is approx. 1,000 m²) leads to high binding and pollutant absorption capacity.

  • High-performance - Project-specific product configuration with suitable activated carbon types for highest performance. 

Oils & Petrochemicals

To secure and isolate contaminated sediments in-situ, Tekoseal Active solutions with Organoclay can be used. This technique is already widely used in the USA and Scandinavia. It saves time, costs, energy and landfill volume.

  • High Performance - 1 m² binds up to 7 litres of oil

  • Permeable to Water - Absorbs oil and allows water to pass through

  • Stable - High mechanical strength even when driven over with heavy equipment

  • Straightforward - Easy to install on site and easy to cut

  • Floatable - The product can be configured to float​​​​​​​​

Heavy Metals

In addition to removing inorganic substances from the water, the active substance neutralises acidic water to a neutral pH value. The specific pollutant filter can be used over a large area to prevent environmental contamination by e.g. nickel, aluminium, copper etc..

  • High effectiveness with metals - Arsenic, lead or mercury, etc. are safely removed from the carrier medium (water or gas) with an effectiveness of more than 97%.

  • Adsorption of radionuclides - Radionuclides such as uranium, radium or strontium are also adsorbed with an effectiveness of more than 90%.

  • Neutralises the acidity - The mineral structure neutralises acidic waters and buffers the pH value to a level of approx. 7 (neutral).

  • Maximum performance - Based on laboratory studies, more than 200,000 mg of metals and radionuclides can be bound per m².


An application is possible for contaminated sites with short and long chain per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances such as PFOA, PFOS, PFNA, PFHxA, PFHxS, PFBS and PFBA PFPeA.

  • Effective - Removal of all PFAS congeners with a 99.9% proven effectiveness (tested at concentration range between < 1 - 4000 µg/L).

  • Efficient - With a proven capacity of up to 4000 µg/g, Tektoseal Active PFAS has a much higher contaminant binding capacity than many other adsorbents.

  • Fast - Very fast sorption rate of less than 3 minutes allows use at comparatively high leachate flow rates.

  • Strong - Extremely high binding strength ensures that less than 0.1% of the bound PFAS are released again (desorption). Only this level of performance can guarantee a long longevity for the solution.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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