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1. Custom Program Consulting 

  • Regulatory Occupational Health and Safety Consulting

  • Safety Management System Compliance Assessment

  • Statistical Analysis of Existing Leading and Lagging indicator Data

  • Potential Serious Injury & Fatality Prevention Program Review or Implementation

2. Field Safety Specializations

  • Industrial Plant Manufacturing Plant Safety

  • Oil & Gas Land & Surface Development Safety

  • Oil & Gas New Construction Safety

  • Geomembrane Installation - Visit Field Services Centre

3. Document Management Implementation

  • Comprehensive Safe Work Daily Log

  • Formal/Informal Work Area & Behavior Based Safety Inspections

  • Targeted and Focused Safety Meetings

  • Work Relevant Toolbox Meetings

  • Stop Work Authority Promotion & Safety Stand Down Facilitation

4. Incident Investigation 

  • Industry leading TapRoot® Investigation Certified

  • Unbiased Fact Finding Over Fault Finding

  • Causal Factor Discovery

  • Root Cause Directed Corrective Action Implementation

EH&S Specialist

Safety and environmental stewardship go hand in hand, which is why we offer specialized safety consulting services. Ask how we can help you plan, manage, and execute your project safely! 

Paul Gray, CRSP

Paul is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional with over a decade of field experience in a dedicated safety role in project execution. He has had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in numerous environments ranging from secondary containment geosynthetic installation to oilfield land and surface development to industrial large manufacturing facilities. Formally trained at the University of Alberta and University of New Brunswick, he has developed the skills necessary to successfully collaborate with people in a solutions-based approach to safety.


His work experience has given him a unique and specialized knowledge in safe field execution strategies, safety management system development, and the in-depth knowledge of the regulatory occupational health and safety code. His philosophy on safety is one where it is always best to use a shared decision-making process. Finding a solution to safety issues have to be both functional and reasonable, one where it supports the company’s objective of safe and reliable work execution. Safety has evolved over the last decade, he will actively pursue risk mitigation strategies that focus on the prevention of serious injuries and fatalities.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Field Safety Advisor Services

  • Potential Serious Injury and Fatality (PSIF) Prevention

  • TapRoot® Investigation and Corrective Action Implementation

  • Regulatory Occupational Health and Safety Gap Analysis of Safety Management Systems

Work Experience

Paul has primarily been involved in industrial manufacturing facilities and oil and gas surface development work. He has worked as an independent safety consultant  overseeing the safety management program for over 200 employees and ensuring regulatory compliance in all safety-related areas. He has achieved notable milestones throughout his career, such as earning an Occupational Safety and Health Certificate, an Advanced Occupational Safety and Health Diploma, and then achieving his Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation.

Certificates, Designations & Education

  • Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) Designation

  • TapRoot® 5 Day Advanced Investigation Technique

  • Advanced Occupational Health and Safety Diploma - University of New Brunswick

  • Occupational Health & Safety Certificate - University of New Brunswick

  • Certificate in Safety Leadership - University of New Brunswick

  • Bachelor of Education - University of Alberta

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