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Bituminous geomembranes (BGM) are self-healing membranes that are often used in containment applications. When compared to HDPE geomembranes, bituminous geomembranes have superior puncture and tear resistance. They also exhibit good chemical resistance and UV resistance. Installation of bituminous geomembranes is typically done by heat welding, which can be done without any prior lining experience. Thanks to these properties, bituminous geomembranes are often the material of choice for containment applications.

Penteco is a leading Canadian distributor for Axter (French Manufacturer of Coletanche BGM)

Landfill caps are a necessary component in the landfill closure process. The landfill cap functions as the primary barrier between landfill contents and the environment. A properly designed and constructed landfill cap will minimize infiltration of precipitation, limit greenhouse gas emissions, control odors, reduce leachate production, and improve waste stability.

In areas with high wind speeds, the risk of wind damage to temporary landfill cap increases. To mitigate this risk, wind defender can be used to provide ballasting to the exposed geomembrane of a temporary landfill cap until construction of the landfill cap is finalized. 

Penteco is a leading Canadian distributor for Wind Defender (USA Manufacturer)

There is a need for filtration fabrics to filter out contaminants for harmful chemicals. Contaminants can be in the form of PFAS, organic pollutants, and heavy metals. PFAS are a class of synthetic chemicals that are fluorinated. They are water repellent and do not break down easily in the environment. As a result, PFAS can accumulate in animals and humans over time, causing adverse health effects. Organic pollutants are another type of contaminants that can be found in water. They are usually chemicals that are produced by industrial processes or transportation. Heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, can also be found in water. They can cause a variety of health problems, including neurological damage, kidney damage, and cancer. To filter out these contaminants, there are a variety of filtration fabrics available on the market. One example is Tektoseal Active from Huesker. This fabric uses an activated carbon core to adsorb contaminants from water. Tektoseal is an effective way to remove harmful chemicals from water before they can cause harm to people or the environment.

Penteco is a leading Canadian distributor for Huesker (German Manufacturer of Tektoseal® Active).  

Containment Systems 

Geosynthetics are specialized synthetic materials used in various civil engineering applications. In containment applications, geosynthetics are used to create landfills, tank farms, process ponds, and heap leach pads. The design of each containment system must take into account the type of waste to be contained, the location and climate, and the expected lifetime of the facility. Geosynthetics provide an effective barrier to the escape of liquids and gases, while also allowing for proper drainage and aeration. In addition, Geosynthetics are widely used in waste management and waste disposal applications as liner systems. The main function of a liner system is to provide containment of waste material, preventing it from leaching into the surrounding environment. Liner systems usually consist of a layer of geomembrane, which is placed on top of a layer of geotextile. Geosynthetic containment systems are used to increase the hydraulic conductivity for leachate collection. These systems prevent clogging of leachate collection pipes and increase the efficiency of leachate drainage. 

In the field of containment systems, Penteco supplies many unique engineered solutions. We work with world class manufacturers to help bring their latest geosynthetic technologies into Canadian markets, not only providing distribution but also offering complimentary design support for your project's needs - check our expanding list below!

Coletanche Lined Pond 

Wind Defender

Tektoseal Active

Containment Solutions

5 reasons to purchase from Penteco:

1. Below Market Prices - As a wholesaler, Penteco Inc. is to able keep its overheads low by focusing on bulk sales and minimizing the costs associated with retail operations. 

2. Online Ordering - By offering an online store, Penteco is able to reduce its overheads and pass these savings on to customers. Penteco's GEOSTORE offers a seamless and efficient shopping experience to customers. This can help to reduce the time and effort required to place orders, making it easier for customers to purchase products at a competitive price.

3. Direct Delivery from Manufacturers - By delivering products directly from the manufacturer to the customer, Penteco is able to avoid double handling and storage costs. 


4. Wide Selection of High-Quality Products - Penteco Inc. is a geosynthetic wholesaler that offers a wide range of products such as geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes, and more. At Penteco, we take pride in partnering with only the most reputable global manufacturers who have a strong presence in both the USA and Canada. 


5. Experienced Team - The team at Penteco has a wealth of experience in the geosynthetics industry, and they are always happy to provide guidance and assistance to customers. Whether you have a specific project in mind or simply need help choosing the right product, we are here to help.

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