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Why Choose Penteco to design and supply your MSE Wall system?

1. Certified Product Inventory: 

At Penteco, we partner with reputable manufacturers to offer products that have undergone rigorous ASTM testing and meet or exceed industry standards.

2. MSE Specialist:

Penteco provides value added services in addition to supply of MSE inventory. With specialised MSE consultants & engineers, Penteco not only carries certified product inventory, but provides project-specific design (professionally authenticated & stamped).​

3. Crew Training:

Our experienced site support team is here to guide you through every step of your MSE wall project, providing the support and training you need to succeed. No prior experience is necessary.

4. Comprehensive Consultation & Quality Verification:

We offer consultation services throughout every stage of your project, from system recommendations to troubleshooting any design incompliances. And if requested, we can provide quality verification to certify the constructed structure against the engineered design. Trust Penteco for a smooth and successful project.

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Fortrac Gabion

In collaboration with Penteco, the Fortrac Gabion system combines earthworks reinforced by Fortrac geogrid layers with a facing crafted from corrosion-protected steel-mesh units featuring custom-designed stone fillings. Penteco provides the supply and design of these systems, while Huesker, as the manufacturer, ensures the quality and precision of the components. Our integrated system solutions are engineered to accommodate inclinations of up to 90° and towering structures. With Penteco's involvement, the rapid assembly of the earthwork structure, coupled with the utilization of prefabricated gabions that are easy to fill—some even prefilled—dramatically enhances the efficiency of on-site operations.

  • Wide ranging design options

  • Rapid installation and easy repair

  • Fire, vandal and UV-resistant

  • Resistant to differential settlement

  • Low maintenance, with minimum costs for care and upkeep

Key Benefits:

Solution for a Cost-Effective MSE Wall System

Fortrac Gabion - Wildlife Bridge

Vegetated wildlife bridge over A2 motorway – Curved approach ramp topped by modern architectural feature – Fortrac-reinforced soil system applied in conjunction with half-gabion facing – Height approx. 8 m.

Fortrac Gabion - Highway Widening

Embankment widening for new six-lane motorway sections east and west of Haseltalbrücke bridge – Up to 13 m tall full-gabion walls – Selfsupporting GRS retaining wall with purely cosmetic gabion facing (passive construction).

Fortrac Gabion - River Erosion

Sub-project of River Emscher ecological improvement scheme – Earthworks built with integrated lost formwork and full-gabion facing – Solution as replacement for originally planned concrete cantilever wall – Erected in three, 5 m tall vertical sections.

Fortrac Gabion - Noise Barrier

Development area by railway and regional road – Combination of full-gabion wall facing track and natural slope facing new housing – Gabions filled with stones, soil and vegetation – 10 m tall with 68° inclination on track side.

Project Profiles

At Penteco, we provide all types of MSE walls for all sorts of applications, as part of our environmental objectives. Be it wire-form walls, vegetated walls, segmental block walls, covering broad range of applications: slope-stability, bridge abutments, approach walls, pressure relief walls, or temporary systems. 

The function of the geogrid in geosynthetic-reinforced soil (GRS) systems is to accommodate tensile forces and improve the mechanical properties of the composite material. Fortrac geogrids excel not only by their good tensile stiffness and tensile strength, but also by their exceedingly high interaction flexibility – a property offered only by flexible geosynthetics. Good interaction flexibility implies a perfect blend of macro-, meso- and microinterlock plus a high degree of adaptability to the soil. The greater contact area brings about a substantial improvement in the interaction or bond between soil and reinforcement.

Fortrac Geogrids

The core element – robust and interaction-flexible

Flexible Geogrid

  • Faster and easier installation than for rigid grids

  • Tensile forces already activated during installation

  • High adaptability of geogrid, with dense bedding of soil as a result

  • Formation of a flexible integral system with soil

  • Also suitable for use in alkaline soils

  • Evening out of settlement

Eco-friendly & Natural Looking

Use of a geosynthetic-reinforced retaining structure instead of a concrete solution will, for example, cut CO2 emissions by 80–85 % and energy consumption by 70–75 % (see 2015 life-cycle assessment by German Geosynthetics Industry Association).

Cost Effective

Apart from speeding up operations, you can also cut costs through the use of locally sourced soils, reduced transportation, faster and easier installation, reliable long-term performance, less maintenance and fewer repairs.

Easy to assemble

  • Rapid installation coupled with reliable long term performance

  • Cost effective modular systems

  • Installation also with cohesive and contaminated soils

  • Structures with heights exceeding 60 m and inclinations of 110° are feasible

  • No elaborate foundations needed

  • Steep slopes, reducing space and material requirement

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