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Field Safety - Geomembrane Installation

  • Geomembrane Installation

  • Industrial Plant Manufacturing Plant Safety

  • Oil & Gas Land & Surface Development Safety

  • Oil & Gas New Construction Safety​​​

Incident Investigation

  • Industry leading TapRoot® Investigation Certified

  • Unbiased Fact Finding Over Fault Finding

  • Causal Factor Discovery

  • Root Cause Directed Corrective Action Implementation

Document Management Implementation

  • Comprehensive Safe Work Daily Log

  • Formal/Informal Work Area & Behavior Based Safety Inspections

  • Targeted and Focused Safety Meetings

  • Work Relevant Toolbox Meetings

  • Stop Work Authority Promotion & Safety Stand Down Facilitation

Custom Program Consulting

  • Regulatory Occupational Health and Safety Consulting

  • Safety Management System Compliance Assessment

  • Statistical Analysis of Existing Leading and Lagging indicator Data

  • Potential Serious Injury & Fatality Prevention Program Review or Implementation

Site Safety Management

At Penteco, we are committed to delivering exceptional service by providing site safety personnel who specialize in overseeing every aspect of your geomembrane installation. Our team of experienced safety professionals possesses an in-depth understanding of the specific nuances involved in this highly specialized work, enabling them to manage the project effectively and efficiently.

We recognize the importance of ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality in every project, which is why we collaborate with our safety consultants to develop a range of geosynthetic installation-related specialty services. With our unwavering focus on excellence, you can rest assured that your project is in the best possible hands.

Expert Site Safety Personnel for Geomembrane Installation Oversight

Chemung County Landfill Elmira, New York, USA

The landfill is double-lined, with dipole testing after cover material placement required on all slopes less than 10%. In addition, the tie-in areas and penetrations were tested using a combination of arc testing and a modified dipole method testing to enable detection in non-standard configurations. Over the years, several dozen holes have been detected including dozer damage, bad welds, a bad pipe penetration seal, and one knife slice smaller than a grain of sand (shown in photo below right).  TRI has helped to keep this site in compliance with an allowable leakage rate of 189 lphd.

Duke Energy East Bend Station: Rabbit Hash, KY, USA

TRI has been performing the ELL testing at this site since 2017, including coal ash landfill cells, drainage swales and an associated detention pond. Damage detected by the dipole method includes large dozer damage as well as leaks as small as pinholes. TRI’s proprietary three meter-spaced double dipole with GPS-based data acquisition allowed each of these large cells (~18 hectares) to be rapidly surveyed by one technician within one working week.

Envirotech Services Brine Ponds: Various facilities, USA

TRI has been performing the ELL testing for this client for their various facility sites since 2019 in order to keep their double-lined wastewater brine ponds in service where no leakage is tolerated. Various methods were used on various liners and liner configurations including arc and spark testing and the water puddle method. TRI specializes in determining the most effective method for various liner materials and configurations, especially during the project construction phase, so that a facility can be put into service without issues.

Ghent Generating Station: Ghent, KY, USA

TRI has been performing the ELL testing at this site since 2013 as part of various pond and pad construction projects totaling over 57 ha. Soil dipole, water dipole, arc testing, and water puddle testing were used for the various configurations as dictated by both project specifications and weather events. Larger ponds were tested as they were being built, demanding a quick response to schedule changes and bringing new challenges due to extreme weather events and contractor coordination.

 Project Profiles

Surveys are managed and supervised by Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E. - Ms. Gilson works openly and honestly with her clients. All Penteco surveys will be managed and supervised by Abigail and her team.

Liner Installation Safety Management

Geomembrane installation is a highly specialized and unique trade that demands a particular skill set and expertise. Unfortunately, it is all too common for safety professionals hired by site owners or civil contractors to lack familiarity with the specific working practices required for successful geomembrane installation. This can lead to frustrating scenarios for all parties involved, compromising the quality and safety of the project.

Recognizing this challenge, Penteco has formed a partnership with highly qualified safety professionals to provide a dedicated focus on delivering competent personnel who possess the necessary training and abilities required for liner installation safety management services. With our commitment to excellence and our partner's expertise, we can ensure that every project is completed with the highest level of quality and safety, providing our clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

EH&S Specialist

Paul Gray, CRSP is a safety professional with years of experience managing and executing projects for some of Canada's strictest safety regulations. Aside from Paul's impressive oil & gas resume, he has experience supervising geomembrane installations first-hand. 

Paul Gray, CRSP - EH&S Consultant


During the busy season, finding a general safety person can be a challenge. Let us worry about that part - we have the resources needed to meet tight deadlines.

Additional Field Services - Leak Location Surveying

We can help clients leak proof test the entire installation. Learn more about our Geomembrane Leak Detection Services 

Additional Consulting Services

Our consulting centre offers many distinct professional services relating to safety and project execution. We have top notch professionals collaborating as a team to make sure your project is taken care of from all angles. 


Ayed Kamis, P.Eng., EP. - Containment Geo-consultant

Ben Barfett - WCB Claims Management

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