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1. MSE Wall Designs

• Designed for MSE walls for mine operations (crusher walls), MSE ramps for highways and railways (freight & light rail transit), vegetated slopes, MSE walls with concrete panels, blocks, and wire-forms

• Allowable Stress Design & AASHTO LRFD Method

• Product & Project-specific technical expertise

2. Project Engineering

• Provide project-specific support, from guiding the project team with respect to wall applications for their project, type of MSE wall they should use

• Any technical requirement that ought to be fulfilled, from regulatory requirements to provincial/ municipal standards.

• Resolution of any site-related issue such as RFI's, NCR's, and any unintended design incompliance(s)

3. Quality Verification

• On-site quality assurance

• Daily reports documenting the progress thoroughly

• Avoid typical QC issues; mismatching grid types, inadequate grid lengths, tying the grid to wall faces (wire-forms, panels, etc.)

4. Construction Support

• On-site training for crew members on the installation of MSE Wall systems (included in all Penteco wall packages)

​• Provides insight on specific site construction relating to all geotechnical matters. 

​• Construction management: Identify schedule and cost improvements. 

Walls & Slopes Specialist

A key segment of Penteco’s portfolio are MSE walls & slopes. We offer dedicated expertise, with respect to concept development. product-selection, design, on-site installation, and any remediation required afterwards. Our MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) wall consultants are a phone call away, to help you with your next MSE retaining wall project.

Anshuman Sharma, P.Eng.

Anshuman is a highly accomplished geotechnical engineer with a wealth of experience in the design and engineering of MSE walls and slopes. He has a deep understanding of the various facets of this discipline, including project-specific design, product specifications, and on-site quality control. With a wide-ranging experience across multiple provinces, including Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, he has demonstrated his expertise in MSE retaining walls.

Anshuman is a valuable resource for customers and engineers, providing expert guidance on MSE design, advising on different wall applications, and providing training to site crews. He also serves as a liaison on behalf of the client for any product or design-related approvals, and is able to troubleshoot any unintended design incompliances. He is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and technical expertise to his clients.

Areas of Expertise:

• MSE wall design
• Related project estimates & budgets
• Product-related expertise: Specifications, HITEC/ AASHTO-NTPEP Certification, ASTM testing
• On-site Quality Control & related paperwork
• Crew Training

Work Experience

Anshuman is a highly skilled and experienced professional with over seven years of expertise in the design and engineering of MSE wall systems, site exploration, and geotechnical investigations. He has a proven track record of success in designing a wide range of MSE walls including wire wall systems, vegetated walls, and concrete panel walls, including complex two-stage systems. His deep knowledge and experience in this field make him an invaluable asset to any project requiring MSE wall design and engineering.

Credentials & Designations:

  • Master of Engineering (Specialisation: Geotechnical Engineering) University of British Columbia, BC

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering - Dr. BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, India

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