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1. Environmental & Social Governance

  • Impact assessment

  • Find your cause program

  • Get certified

  • Stakeholder involvement

  • Stakeholder communication

2. Marketing Strategy

  • Market research

  • Marketing of technical material

  • Marketing strategy

  • Trade show assistance

  • New product launch

  • Customer experience management

  • Sales and communication training

3. International Strategy 

  • New market entry

  • International recruitment

  • International business development

  • Procurement of technical products

  • Marketing translation and cultural adaptation

  • International Strategic partnerships

4. Business Development

  • Customer experience management

  • Sales and communication training

  • Strategic networking 

Business Strategist

Our customers are masters of their craft, although sometimes they need an expert’s perspective, additional skills, or simply an extra push to complete a project. Penteco offers expert consulting services in supporting your organizational growth economically and environmentally. 

Tamara Tuttle

Tamara is a business consultant devoted to helping companies tell their story and increase their reach and profits, so they can grow healthy and give back to their communities. She has an international background and extensive experience in science of technical products sales. In particular, geosynthetics for environmental applications like waste containment, water management, erosion control or mining.

With base in Charlotte, NC, her consulting focuses on business development and international strategy. Tamara helps customers to consolidate sales, communicate better their technical offerings, launch new products,  or measure and manage their customer experience. On the international side, after doing business in 101 countries, she provides market research & intelligence, assists in entries to new territories, and facilitates business relationships where two or more countries, languages, and cultures are involved.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business development and marketing of technical products and services

  • Contract negotiation

  • International business law

  • International procurement and logistics

  • International recruitment

  • Environmental, Social and Governance strategies

Work Experience

Tamara has spent 12 years working in international sales and marketing of technical products. Directly helping to generate more than 60 Million in revenue global manufacturers, construction companies, media platforms, and engineering firms.

Education & Languages

  • Bachelor Degree in Law, University of Sevilla, Spain.

  • International law specialization, University of Bologna, Italy.

  • International Masters in Business Administration, Universidad Isabel I de Castilla.

  • Coaching and PNL accreditation, Universidad Isabel I de Castilla

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