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Why Choose Penteco to help design your Ground Stabilization System?

1. Certified Product Inventory: 

At Penteco, we only provide products with adequate ASTM testing, our reinforcement products are AASHTO-certified, and all other products meet the specific industry standards.

2. Geotechnical Engineers:

Penteco provides value added services. Through specialised consultants & engineers, Penteco provides project-specific design (professionally authenticated & stamped).​

3. Crew Training:

Our site support team can assist you in getting started. You can count on us to guide you throughout the installation. 

4. Comprehensive Consultation & Quality Verification:

Penteco provides a comprehensive consultation, at all stages of a project. If required, we provide quality verification for the constructed structure as it relates to the engineered design.

Ringtrac Foundation System

The Ringtrac foundation system combines Stabilenka horizontal reinforcement with a regular arrangement of columns of non-cohesive material placed inside a geosynthetic casing. Geotextile-encased columns are a development of the traditional vibro stone columns. The structural action of the geotextile casing transforms granular columns into efficient load-bearing elements. 

  • Extremely reliable due to high ductility

  • Rapid consolidation speeds up construction

  • Rapid construction of high embankments without risk of bearing failure

  • Cost-efficient thanks to use of locally sourced mineral mixes (sand etc.)

  • Project-specific adaptability to local conditions and loads

  • Great for earthquakes regions

Key Benefits:

Solution for Stabilizing Weak Soils

Extremely weak subsoil poses severe geotechnical challenges for embankment construction. Purpose-developed to meet these demands, the Ringtrac foundation system plays a key role in the success of ground improvement measures. The centrepiece of the system is a regular arrangement of columns comprising non-cohesive material placed inside a geosynthetic casing. This is supplemented by horizontal reinforcement in the form of a Stabilenka woven geotextile. Geotextile-encased columns (GEC) are a development of the conventional vibro stone columns.

Geotextile Encased Columns

Ringtrac Foundation System Ground improvement for extremely soft soils

Application Example

A scheme to extend the DASA Airbus plant at the Mühlenberger Loch site in Hamburg involved the reclamation of 140 ha of land in the River Elbe estuary. The extremely soft subsoil conditions necessitated the adoption of a foundation system incorporating 60,000 Ringtrac columns. This system offered tremendous advantages over the originally envisaged sheet piling solution: apart from shortening the construction period by over
a year, it eliminated the need for 35,000 tonnes of sheet piling, approx. 1.1 million cubic metres of sand and 8 million litres of fuel.

Rapid Consolidation

The full-surface drainage capability of the woven geotextile and fill material ensures that 90% of settlement already occurs during the construction phase (50–75% less creep settlement than for unimproved ground).

Cost Efficient

The structural action of the geosynthetic casing transforms the mineral mix filling into a loadbearing element. The fact that locally sourced mineral mixes can be used as fill brings additional savings on time and cost.

Eliminate Risk of Bearing Failure

The Ringtrac foundation system, comprising geotextile-encased columns and horizontal reinforcement, not only delivers a sustainable soil reinforcement and ground improvement solution, it also enables you to cut construction times through shorter consolidation periods. The structural action of the geosynthetic casing transforms the mineral mix filling into a loadbearing element. 

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