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Wind Defender

Wind Defender® is a reversible reinforced geotextile windscreen made of knitted, tan and green, UV stabilized HDPE filament. Let us provide you with a ballast system that is effective, long lasting, easy to install and maintain, reusable, aesthetically pleasing, and that will be sure to exceed your expectations.

• Aesthetically pleasing
• UV Stabilized
• Provides 60% UV block for underlying materials
• Installs quickly
• Available in large rolls
• Performs well under snow load
• Lasts 3 to 10 times longer than most traditional sandbag and
rope anchoring systems
• Safer to install than making and deploying heavy sandbags

Key Benefits:

Solution For Ballasting Exposed Geomembranes

Salt Pile - Wind Defender vs. Unballasted

A torn liner not only adds to your maintenance costs, but it can also be dangerous if it completely tears off and parachutes into your operations, or even the public.  

Salt Pile - Wind Defender vs. Unballasted

Wind Defender is the right choice for ensuring your stockpile, your people, and your assets are safe! 

Dust Control

Wind Defender can help you reduce dust on your job site. 

Temporary Caps

Temporary Caps utilize an exposed geomembrane liner to encapsulate and/or cover buried waste. Similar to a final closure, temporary caps offer many of the same benefits and more including:

  • Leachate Minimization

  • Odor and Erosion Control

  • Increase Gas Quality

  • Improved Storm Water Quality

  • Reduced Maintenance

Stockpile Covers

Stockpile Covers utilize a thin mil membrane to protect the contents of the pile. This protective layer shields bulk stockpiled materials from precipitation, potential cross contamination, and erosion.

  • Agriculture (Corn, Silage, Grain)

  • Solid Waste (Clay, Sand, Soil)

  • Power Generation Byproducts (Gypsum, Ash)

  • Mining (Salt, Coal, Pet Coke)

Dust Control

Traditional dust suppression methods require direct and continuous application of water and/or polymer based liquids. Despite their longstanding prevalence in the industry, these techniques offer a short-term solution at best. Wind Defender® is a standalone dust control cover that is proven over time to successfully control fugitive dust particles from the moment it is first installed.

Weather Protection

Cell Rain Covers feature a thin mil geomembrane used to prevent precipitation from entering the underlying leachate collection system in landfill cells. By installing a cell rain cover, storm water is separated from contaminated water, thus minimizing the production of leachate that requires treatment.


  • Leachate Minimization

  • Erosion control

  • Improved Storm Water Quality

Why Choose Wind Defender? 

Virginia Landfill 2016 

Temporary Cap 1,400,000 SF

Virginia Power Facility 2019

Temporary Cap 3,800,000 SF

Virginia Power Facility 2014

Rain Cover 1,000,000 SF

Florida Landfill 2017

Temporary Cap 1,300,000 SF

Project Profiles

Wind Defender has been around for over a decade. A unique product with proven results and extensive laboratory testing. Contact Penteco for a reference list!   

How can Penteco support your Containment project?

1. Certified Product Inventory: 

At Penteco, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality geomembrane products on the market. We work exclusively with the world's leading manufacturers who consistently meet and exceed ASTM standards and design regulations.

2. Containment Specialist:

Our Consulting Centre offers a range of technical services, including project management, site supervision, contract resolution, and design support, to ensure that your containment project is a success. Learn more about our highly qualified Containment Geo-consultant!

 3. Crew Training: 

Our experienced site support team is here to provide hands-on training for your crew on our self-performing geomembrane products (BGM & GCL). With their guidance, you can feel confident in your team's ability to complete the project to the highest standards.

4. Comprehensive Consultation & Quality Verification:

Penteco's comprehensive consultation services are available at every stage of the installation process, from RFI support to troubleshooting any unintended design incompliances. We also offer quality verification reports, stamped by a professional engineer, to ensure that the installation meets the manufacturer's standards. Choose Penteco for a sophisticated, successful containment project.

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