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Why choose Penteco to design and supply your MSE Wall system?

1. Certified Product Inventory: 

At Penteco, we partner with reputable manufacturers to offer products that have undergone rigorous ASTM testing and meet or exceed industry standards.

2. MSE Specialist:

Penteco provides value added services in addition to supply of MSE inventory. With specialised MSE consultants & engineers, Penteco not only carries certified product inventory, but provides project-specific design (professionally authenticated & stamped).​

3. Crew Training:

Our experienced site support team is here to guide you through every step of your MSE wall project, providing the support and training you need to succeed. No prior experience is necessary.

4. Comprehensive Consultation & Quality Verification:

We offer consultation services throughout every stage of your project, from system recommendations to troubleshooting any design incompliances. And if requested, we can provide quality verification to certify the constructed structure against the engineered design. Trust Penteco for a smooth and successful project.

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Fortrac Nature

Penteco collaborates with Huesker as their Canadian partner to implement innovative wall systems. Our joint effort introduces the Fortrac Nature system, enabling the swift assembly of retaining structures that seamlessly integrate into the landscape when appropriately planted. Unlike conventional constructions, this natural-looking solution not only enhances the urban climate but also provides habitat and shelter for birds and insects, fostering biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

components of Fortrac Nature MSE Wall System
  • Harmonious integration in natural landscape setting

  • High flexibility in terms of inclination, contouring and vegetation

  • Long-term stability and durability coupled with ductile behavior

  • Natural-looking solution, providing habitat for birds and insects

  • Positive impact on micro-climate

  • Easy dismantling allows use as temporary structure

  • Lateral earth pressure containments of 110° feasible

Key Benefits:

components of fortrac nature mse wall system

Solution for a Natural-Looking MSE Wall System

Fortrac Nature - B85 Road Widening

Trunk road atop a geosynthetic-reinforced retaining structure: 11 meters tall, inclined at 70 degrees, adorned with natural vegetation – featuring an integrated corrosion-protected formwork system.

Fortrac Nature - 110° Earth Pressure Relief Vegetated Wall

Vegetated wildlife bridge featuring a 110° earth pressure relief wall – The most cost-efficient solution to protect the slender concrete structure from earth pressure – This adopted solution also integrates steel mesh facing and vegetation for enhanced effectiveness.

Fortrac Nature - Triebener Road

Newly constructed road ensuring dependable, long-term performance on an actively creeping slope – Achieved through the high ductility of GRS (Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil) – Grid mesh size tailored to local fill material – System incorporates integrated lost formwork – Retaining structure reaching heights of up to 28 meters.

Fortrac Nature - Rockfall Protection Dam

Addressing avalanche risks in extremely remote terrain with a challenging protection structure – Constructed as a slender dam with a 70° longitudinal inclination – Geometry customized for steep mountain conditions – Compliant with ONR 2481 regulations – Integrated lost formwork system utilized – Incorporating 18,000 m² of Fortrac MDT (PVA) material.

Project Profiles

At Penteco, we provide all types of MSE walls for all sorts of applications, as part of our environmental objectives. Be it wire-form walls, vegetated walls, segmental block walls, covering broad range of applications: slope-stability, bridge abutments, approach walls, pressure relief walls, or temporary systems. 

The geogrid's primary role in geosynthetic-reinforced soil (GRS) systems is to absorb tensile forces and enhance the mechanical characteristics of the composite material. Fortrac geogrids stand out not only for their impressive tensile stiffness and strength but also for their exceptional interaction flexibility—a feature unique to flexible geosynthetics. This interaction flexibility encompasses a harmonious balance of macro-, meso-, and micro-interlock, coupled with a remarkable adaptability to various soil conditions. The increased contact area significantly enhances the bond between the soil and reinforcement, leading to substantial improvements in overall system performance.

Fortrac Geogrids

The core element – robust and interaction-flexible

Flexible Geogrid

  • Faster and easier installation than for rigid grids

  • Tensile forces already activated during installation

  • High adaptability of geogrid, with dense bedding of soil as a result

  • Formation of a flexible integral system with soil

  • Also suitable for use in alkaline soils

  • Evening out of settlement

Eco-friendly & Natural Looking

Use of a geosynthetic-reinforced retaining structure instead of a concrete solution will, for example, cut CO2 emissions by 80–85 % and energy consumption by 70–75 % (see 2015 life-cycle assessment by German Geosynthetics Industry Association).

Cost Effective

Apart from speeding up operations, you can also cut costs through the use of locally sourced soils, reduced transportation, faster and easier installation, reliable long-term performance, less maintenance and fewer repairs.

Easy to assemble

  • Rapid installation coupled with reliable long term performance

  • Cost effective modular systems

  • Installation also with cohesive and contaminated soils

  • Structures with heights exceeding 60 m and inclinations of 110° are feasible

  • No elaborate foundations needed

  • Steep slopes, reducing space and material requirement

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