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Industry Experts at your Fingertips

Plan and execute your next project with support from one of our industry experts! We will set you up for success by matching you with the right consultant for your project needs. Our Consulting Centre is ever evolving and will continue to expand to ensure all business needs are met.

  • Containment Geo-consultant 

  • MSE Wall Geo-consultant 

  • EH&S Consultant

  • WCB Claims Management

  • Business Strategist

One-of-a-kind advanced systems

Penteco has partnered with some of the best in the industry to bring you one-of-a-kind advanced systems from around the world. Our engineered solutions will take your project to the next level and provide key benefits including cost savings on construction and maintenance and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

  • MSE Wall Systems

  • Containment Systems

  • Stabilization Systems

Save time, shop online

Save time and money! With our cost-effective business structure, we provide commodity geosynthetics at competitive prices. We have an extensive network of installers, manufacturers and engineering firms, in addition to our in-house design engineers, who specialize in geosynthetics. Our unique business structure and E-store allow us to offer both traditional and new ways of purchasing materials.

  • Geomembranes

  • Geotextiles

  • Geo-reinforcement

  • Geo-drainage

  • Geo-rock: coming soon!

Turnkey Solutions

Our site services are highly specialized and distinct, complementing our in-house design and product offerings. We team up with skilled contractors across Canada to provide competitive turnkey solutions.

  • Electrical Leak Location Survey

  • Geosynthetic Installation

  • Specialized Safety Coordinator

Research & Education Platform

Our vision can only be accomplished by advocating for environmental sustainability and investing into advanced research and technology. Our Innovation Centre inspires ingenuity through its education and training platform.

  • Education Corporate Training

  • Research & Development

Products & Services

Penteco’s products and services are offered through its five integrated business centres. Each centre differs by its structure and execution, but complement each other to provide support and increase efficiencies at all project stages.

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