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How can Penteco support your Containment project?

1. Certified Product Inventory: 

At Penteco, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality geomembrane products on the market. We work exclusively with the world's leading manufacturers who consistently meet and exceed ASTM standards and design regulations.

2. Containment Specialist:

Our Consulting Centre offers a range of technical services, including project management, site supervision, contract resolution, and design support, to ensure that your containment project is a success. Learn more about our highly qualified​ Containment Geo-consultant!

 3. Crew Training: 

Our experienced site support team is here to provide hands-on training for your crew on our self-performing geomembrane products (BGM & GCL). With their guidance, you can feel confident in your team's ability to complete the project to the highest standards.

4. Comprehensive Consultation & Quality Verification:

Penteco's comprehensive consultation services are available at every stage of the installation process, from RFI support to troubleshooting any unintended design incompliances. We also offer quality verification reports, stamped by a professional engineer, to ensure that the installation meets the manufacturer's standards. Choose Penteco for a sophisticated, successful containment project.

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COLETANCHE® is a bituminous geomembrane waterproofing system, unique in terms of its 5.10m width. COLETANCHE® geomembrane associates an elastomeric bitumen based binder and an internal structure made from non-woven polyester geotextile; it is designed to guarantee excellent mechanical and chemical resistance over the long term

  • Resistance to aggressive environments even without adding an anti-puncture geotextile

  • Compatible with all subgrades and covering Material (hot-mix, asphalt, concrete, stone, gravel)

  • ​Excellent resistance to ageing (UV, weather, biological agents and oxidation)

  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions (rain, wind, extreme cold - 40°C)

  • Remarkable dimensional stability and flexibility guaranteeing permanent support with the supporting ground. 

Key Benefits:

Solution for Containment Applications

Solid Waste Storage - Colmar, France

Used as a liner to control leachate and protect groundwater and used as a cover to prevent rain water infiltration into the waste.

Tailings Pond - Toromocho, Peru

Used to line leachate, waste water and tailings retention ponds due to its resistance to biological and chemical attack.

Biogas Barriers - Toronto, ON

To stop undesirable gas flows from migrating through the floor into residential or commercial buildings built on or near former oil fields, landfill, or industrial facilities. 

Dams - Cerro Lindo, Peru

To waterproof dams, and/or renovate the upstream waterproof facing of dams.

Irrigation Canal - Naches, WA

To line canals used to transport water to minimize losses by infiltration and protect the embankments from erosion.

Drinking Water Reservoir - Los Angeles, CA

To waterproof basins and water storage facilities used for stormwater control, drinking water or recreation.

Wastewater Storage - Estree Mons, France

Used to line leachate and waste water retention ponds due to its resistance to biological and chemical attack.

Railroads - Crawford, NE

To stabilize railway and protect the ballast. 

Project Profiles

A strict quality assurance plan implemented during manufacturing as well as on-site installation of the geomembrane allows to guarantee maximum quality. The welded seams can be checked using standardized methods and especially ultrasound testing.

With its COLETANCHE® brand, AXTER proposes a range of geomembrane construction solutions for public works and civil engineering projects around the world. The high technical performance of these solutions makes them suitable for a wide range of applications for both new build and renovation projects in various sectors: environment, hydraulics, transport and underground construction.

Bituminous Geomembrane

High performance and Adaptability to Every Type of Climate and Environment

Intimate Contact

  • Intimate contact is crucial for a liner system to be highly effective in reducing the extent of leakage from a hole. Coletanche is virtually wrinkle free! 

  • Remarkable flexibility and dimensional stability thereby guaranteeing permanent contact with the ground support.

Toughness & Durability

  • Durability under real conditions exceeding 40 years

  • Resistant to UV rays

  • High resistance to puncture and tearing.

  • Capacity to be covered by a wide range of materials: asphalt, macadam or poured concrete.

  • Friction angle up to 34°, greater than any other geomembrane.

  • Resistance against chemical products, biological agents and oxidation.

Easy & Economical Maintenance

  • Easy to weld or bond with concrete and other penetrations in the open and under water

  • ​COLETANCHE® is compatible with most materials and can therefore be laid on the majority of soil types without any kind of protection allowing exposure to UV if required.​​​​

Straight-forward Installation

  • No specialized technicians required.

    • Penteco trains your labour crew how to install in just a few days

    • You can rent the equipment  from us! ​​​​

  • Significant width of 5.1 m or 16.7 ft​​​​​​​

  • Installation possible in extreme weather conditions (rainfall, wind, cold temperatures down to -40 °C or -104 °F))

  • High surface mass allowing installation in strong wind conditions

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